VAVA Voom Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker Reviews

by admin on 12月 7, 2019

This is an outstanding speaker! It is absolutely among the best (considering its size and price range).

Talking about the sound I was not expecting a speaker at this price to sound as good as this one does. It had solid bass and clear mids and highs in the “Standard” EQ mode. A very good balance of sound. When certain music is played in the “Party” EQ mode, the bass is more pronounced and very punchy. Not all music will sound better in the party VAVA-Voom-Bluetooth-Speakermode… in fact, some bass-heavy-to-begin-with music will sound worse in party mode simply because the sound will become too bass heavy and muddled. The Surround EQ mode is magical when certain types of music are played. If you sit a few feet away from the speaker you will be immersed in sound that seems to be coming from all directions. It’s like being in a concert hall.

I’ve tried this speaker with wildly varying genres of music – from classical to 80s rock to bluegrass and others. It handles all of these with amazing ability – seriously. The sound is very balanced, and does not sound over processed. When you need smooth bass, you get smooth bass (and possibly a lot of it). When you need punch bass you get punchy bass. Enveloping mid-range? Yep. Crystal clear highs? Yep. And it seems to handle all volume levels very well.

This speaker is well-constructed and solid. And it has high-quality rubber base pad to keep it from walking around from the vibrations. It is obviously well-engineered from physical design, acoustical design, and advanced circuitry standpoints. It seems that Vava hit a home run with this speaker!

On the back of the speaker is the port bay. It includes a 3.5mm AUX In, 1A USB output (power only), micro USB charging port and AC adapter port.

Accessories included with this are an AC charger (100-240V, 50/60Hz), microUSB cable, and AUX cable.

Battery life is excellent and you can also charge a smartphone or other device using the 1A USB output.

There are a ton of bluetooth speakers to choose from. In my experience you can do much worse than with this one. It’s a pleasure to listen to, is great looking and seems to be well built.

I absolutely love it! I love how loud it gets, I love how well balanced the sound is, I love that it’s a charging station (REALLY love this feature!), I loved the size and the quality of sound. It’s by far and away my new favorite blue tooth speaker to listen to in a large room. If you have a larger room that you need a speaker for, look no further. It’ll easily fill a room with sound at a small party or family gathering and then some. It does distort in the upper volume range (say at 7/8’s of the way up to full volume with the device at full volume too), but it’s so loud at that level that I don’t ever see myself running it that loud so it didn’t bother me.

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