2021 Best Bookshelf Speakers Reviews and Buying Guides

Bookshelf speakers are consumer-grade speakers meant for a stereo or home theater system. They are compact and designed to be placed on a raised surface, such as a shelf or table.  The invention of separate subwoofer components has made it possible to create high-quality bookshelf speakers. The smaller speakers no longer carry the heavy bass sounds and can focus on transmitting high frequency waves. This buying guide will help you in selecting the best Bookshelf Speakers , you can choose from an array of products that are available for less than $80 and $300 above.

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Audioengine A5+

Polk Audio TSi100BIC America DV62si
Micca MB42X
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Lowest Price$221.95$126.99$148.00$282.60$119.00$299.99$129.99$129.95$109.99$75.99
Sound Quality Score (Percentage)100959590908580858085
Sensitivity (dB)92.5908889858986899089
Low Frequency Response (Hz)62505060506560534357
High Frequency Response (kHz)23275026202140252030
Peak Power (watts)34012512012512590125120150150
InputsSingle Posts5-way5-way5-way2-way5-way5-way2-way5-way2-way
Enclosure TypeBass ReflexBass ReflexBass ReflexBass ReflexBass ReflexBass ReflexBass ReflexBass ReflexBass ReflexBass Reflex
Dimensions (inches)
(H x W x D)
Weight (pounds)1113.6141226.525181027.83
Available Color OptionsBlack AshBlack, CherryBlack, CherryBlack, CherryBlackBlack Ash, Sienna, Dark CherryBlack, CherryDark Walnut, CherryBlack, OakBlack, White
Low Frequency
Driver Size (inches)
Low Driver TypeWirelessDynamic Balance Bi-laminate ConeDCD Graphite Injected PolymerDynamic Balance
Driver with Polymer
Composite Cone
Fiber Impregnated ConeMetalized Polypropylene ConePolyPlasPolymerPoly/GraphiteCarbon Fiber Woofer
High-Frequency Driver Size (inches)0.7511110.750.7510.751
High Driver TypeTractix HornSilk(Polymer) Dynamic Balance DomeKortec Soft DomeDynamic Balance Silk Polymer Composite DomeSoft Dome Tweeter with FerrofluidAluminum Dome with FerrofluidTitanium-laminate Dome,Shielded
EOS Waveguide
Neodymium Balanced Silk Dome
Ferrofluid Cooled
Poly Soft DomeSilk Dome Tweeter
Help & Support
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 years5 yearsLifetime7 years5 years
Online Manual
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Bookshelf Speaker Uses

Some buyers want bookshelf speakers to play music while others want to hook them up to a television set and DVD player. Some speakers are meant for playing low while others sound better at louder volumes. Picking a great set of bookshelf speakers means choosing the right speakers for a person’s individual needs. Buying the right bookshelf speakers depends on the buyer’s needs and budget.

SONOS PLAY:1 –  is a stylish and exceptionally well-made wireless speaker, especially for the price. It offers the full Sonos experience, with support for most key services (including Spotify, Pandora, Rdio) and super-reliable wireless streaming. Sonos Controller apps are available for Android, iOS, Mac, and PC.  It’s a beautiful little bookshelf speaker that feels like it should cost more than it does, with a refined design that looks great anywhere you put it.   Click here for full review

PIONEER SP-BS22-LR is engineered to have an outstanding design. As you observe them, you will notice right away the unique speaker grills. They look wonderful and so refined, not for their own sake but in their own right. The grills secure the speakers, but can also be removable if you favor to see the drivers themselves. Overall the home theatre system brings your home entertainment to the next level with the whole designed system from Andrew Jones. Click here for full review

Sony SS-B3000  larger than your typical bookshelf speakers, but also produce a far bigger sound than smaller bookshelf speakers. While the Sony SS-B3000 can handle all types of music with ease, including orchestral, they sound particulary convincing on modern electronic- and rock music presenting crisp highs and a deep and relatively wide sound stage. Click here for full review

PolkAudio RTI-A1 – have a classically designed look, and are available in black or cherry red. They have a solid wood construction, and an all MDF enclosure to prevent resonance. Each speaker of the Polk Audio RTI A1 stands twelve inches tall and weighs fifteen pounds. The casing houses a neodymium magnet with a heat sink, and low viscosity ferro-fluid cooling. RTiA1 is one of the few speakers that we reviewed that has dual-binding posts on the back of the speaker.  Click here for full review

Yamaha NS-6490 looks like a museum piece, but in the design of these speakers have a lot of interesting details.  Magnetically shielded to protect your TVs picture, the solid black cabinet houses 7/8-inch tweeter for clean highs well above the range of most similar speakers, a 4-inch midrange driver for well-defined dialogue and voice and an 8-inch woofer for dynamic, forceful lows. The speaker terminals are gold plated and banana plug compatible.  Click here for full review

Audioengine A5+ —The Audioengine 5+ powered speakers deliver phenomenal sound and offer simple, attractive styling. They feature two audio inputs and an integrated USB port for charging source devices (phones, iPods). The two speakers can be placed as far apart as needed to optimize stereo separation. A remote for controlling volume is included.Click here for full review

JBL ES20 This new JBL speaker is known for providing rich and satisfying audio that covers the entire audible spectrum. The bookshelf speaker’s 86dB sensitivity specification makes it relatively inefficient among products we’ve compared on this site. The characteristic is typical of speakers from this manufacturer and is likely the main reason that they tend to reveal deficiencies of low quality electronic components. Click here for full review

Polk Audio TSi100 —Just like its big brother, the TSi100 presents a nominal 8 ohm load with an 89db efficiency. The speaker was a little easier to drive than the TSi200, but still benefited from betterquality receivers and amplifiers. However, you could use these speakers with just about any good quality receiver or amplifier. For its size, the TSi100 presented a very nice soundstage, with good depth and width and precise imaging over a wide array of electric and acoustic material. Click here for full review

BIC America DV62si —uses a patented and specially tuned rear-panel Venturi port to extend the its low-frequency response to an impressive 43 Hz, nearly a full octave below the capabilities of most bookshelf speakers.As a result, they will sparkle all the way around! Whether you need fill out your home theater with surround sound or enliven your dorm or apartment with music, these speakers really overdeliver!  Click here for full review

Micca MB42X The Micca MB42X  is one of the budget speaker darlings of Amazon, with  more than 220 reviews  that average 4.6 out of 5 stars. It’s not hard to see why. With a manufacturer’s price of $100 (though Amazon currently lists them for $80), the MB42X  bookshelf speakers defy the notion that inexpensive small bookshelf speakers can’t perform at high quality levels, even if they can’t compare to our top-rated bookshelf speakers. Click here for full review