Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor Reviews

by admin on June 7, 2021

The Yamaha HS8 studio monitor has been out for a few years now but hasn’t showed any signs of losing ground. What is the ongoing appeal of the model? The lineage of the speaker derives from the classic NS-10M, which was released in 1978 and discontinued in 2001.Yamaha-hs8-Studio-Monitor

The HS8 features a newly designed 1-inch dome tweeter and 8-inch woofer. (The woofer’s white cone harks back to its seminal forebear, the NS10M.) A 75-watt amp drives the woofer, which is protected by a built-in limiter, while a 45W amp juices the tweeter. A white LED illuminates—behind the Yamaha logo—on the cabinet’s face when power is applied.

Yamaha HS8 features

The Yamaha HS8 features an 8″ cone woofer and 1″ dome tweeter. The tweeter is protected by a metal grill. The rear-firing bass port reduces unwanted noise up to 6dB. The HS8 offers a 38Hz – 30kHz frequency response and is powered by a 75W LF plus 45W HF bi-amp system, providing 120W of power amplification. The rear controls include room control, high trim, and level control. The monitors are designed to be placed at least five feet from the closest wall for best results. However, the three-way room control switch (0, -2 or -4 dB attenuation below 500 Hz) can be used prevent bass build-up if the monitor must be placed near a wall. The three-way high trim switch can be used to boost or attenuate 2 dB above 2 kHz, providing greater control of high frequencies. The continuously variable level control is set to a dented +4dB position at noon. It can be reduced all the way to mute the speaker, or set to -10dB at max. The XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals.

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Sound Quality

The Yamaha HS8’s are frequently found in recording studios and after spending some time with these monitors it’s easy to see why. Designed for studio mixing, the HS8’s have an uncolored sound. You won’t find a lot of warmth in their sound reproduction, but that’s exactly what you want in a studio monitor. The HS8’s display great detail and clarity across all spectrums of sound. High frequencies are crisp and clear without being fatiguing. The clarity of the H8’s allow you to grab on to details in sound tracks that you may have missed before. I threw a variety of music at the monitors including Jazz and Classical and the sonic signature of each instrument was distinct and unique. Lesser speakers have the tendency to create a melange of sound which results in instruments losing distinction and separation.

If deep subby bass is necessary for you, maybe consider buying an HS8S Subwoofer to go with the pair.
The Mids are clearer and more present.
The highs aren’t so “spicy” or “noisy”, they sound very “crisp” without sounding noisy or annoying.
I was quite surprised to hear the notorious “Hissing” sound was almost completely gone from the HS8’s as the HS80’s suffered from that problem.
When no audio is playing in the HS80’s there’s a very loud, noticeable hiss sound that comes from the tweeters. Glad they fixed that one.

These monitors sound great. A nice frequency response through out. They are great for mixing, mastering and casual listeneing. The sound is rich and clear. You don’t need a sub when using these monitors either. These monitors are the best for this price range. I had the more expensive KRK VXT8’s and much to my surprise these sound better. My only complaint is the bass port is in the back rather then in the front like other monitors, but after moving them around a bit I got them to sound good.

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Overall, At $349 each, the Yamaha HS8’s are a steal of a deal for how great they sound. The HS8’s are much better for listening to music longer without fatigue and Certainly a step up from the HS80’s in terms of clearness and quality. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to get into some great sounding Active Monitor speakers for a fraction of the price of similar sounding speakers. Happy mixing!

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