Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary Bookshelf Speakers Reviews

by admin on May 26, 2021

Today Wharfedale is proud to present the 80th Anniversary Edition of one of the brand’s most famous and popular loudspeakers – the Denton.Gilbert Briggs, who founded Wharfedale in 1932, turned the company into one of the most famous loudspeaker manufacturers in the world by concentrating on quality and value for money. The Wharfedale Wharfedale-Denton-Anniversary-Bookshelf-SpeakersDenton exemplified these two edicts, balancing fine craftsmanship, natural sound quality and affordability inside a compact loudspeaker that was bought in its millions right across the globe.

These speakers are deliberately retro in feel thanks to a vintage-look mahogany veneer, recessed front baffle and tungsten-coloured grille. But take a look at the engineering and there’s a more cutting-edge flavour. The mahogany finish looked great in the pictures, and the frequency response of 44Hz to 24KHz +/-3dB sounded like something I could live with. Mind you, my background is SET/high efficiency speakers that require large cabinets to make that sort of bass. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a 5″ woofer, so I bought them expecting the worst. At the same time, I bought a Music Hall a15.3 integrated amplifier that puts out 50WPC at 8 ohms, and 95W at 4, thinking it would be a nice fit for the 6 ohm Dentons. I needed something a little on the beefy side to power these, as I didn’t have anything available that put out more than 15WPC. I do have a NAD C350 as well, but that’s used in my living room with B&W DM302’s.

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The original Denton went on to father other models based on its highly popular formula, the Denton 3 being the last of the line…until now!

To mark Wharfedale’s 80th Anniversary, the brand is presenting an anniversary addition of one of its most popular loudspeakers, the Denton. The Denton 80th Anniversary is a classic, bookshelf two-way speaker. Beautifully crafted with hand veneered mahogany, an inset front baffle and traditional Tungsten cloth grille, the updated Denton is a classic update of the original speaker.

Rage Against The Machine – Wake Up This has always been one of my favorites, even before I was an audiophile. Rage Against The Machine is my generation’s Bob Dylan. Not from a musical standpoint, but a lyrical standpoint. Zack De La Rocha sounds even more pissed off, Tom Morello’s guitar sounds crunchy, and Tim Commerford’s style of playing bass (picked, slapped, and plucked) has a great sound to it. You could hear Commerford’s thumb slapping strings and his fingers plucking them. Both him and Morello could be heard making their way up and down the fretboard. Previously, it was only Morello I could hear doing such a thing, but now I hear them both. This album is very well mastered, and the soundstage puts the listener front and center.

To sum it all up, these speakers are fantastic, especially for the price Music Direct is currently selling them for ($500). The biggest thing I’ve noticed, all of my music is now listenable, from the very well mastered Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits to the very poorly mastered Kill ‘Em All by Metallica. My previous system was far too source-dependent, making poorly mastered recordings unlistenable for the most part. It was either feast or famine with that system, but now I can sit back in my chair knowing I won’t be getting any fatigue or surprises making me duck for cover. The soundstage is very wide and deep, but not as large as it was with my EV’s, but the sweet spot is much bigger. These sound larger than their small size would dictate, and definitely do go deeper than the 12TRXB’s they replaced. I had no idea a 5″ woofer could convey that depth of bass. Not only does the bass dig deep, but it’s very tuneful as well. The cabinets are very well constructed and make a nice “thud” when you knock on them, no resonances whatsoever. I can’t really say I fault anything in these because they are a completely different animal than what I’m used to. There aren’t any other speakers I’ve owned that I can directly compare to, so the only thing I can really say is to judge with your own ears. I’m a very satisfied customer, and the transition from SET/HE to a modern integrated/monitors wasn’t what I expected. In the beginning, I was expecting disappointment, but now that I’ve spent time with the new setup, I will say it was a very pleasant transition. Now I know what all the hubub about modern audio is, and will say I favor it more than vintage at this time. Soon, I will have a new DAC (undetermined model), and expect the sound to get better once it’s in my system. These Denton’s are a steal at the $500 price on Music Direct, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them at their $1000 MSRP. Great job Wharfedale, you have a hit on your hands.


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