Sony SS-B3000 Bookshelf Speaker Review

by admin on August 12, 2014

A couple of years ago, Sony released the SS-B3000 Performance Bookshelf Speaker.the SS-B3000 speakers have been around for more than 5 years and keep on being very popular.
The $99.99 (MSRP per pair) SS-B3000 employs an 8-inch Kevlar-reinforced H.O.P. (Highly Sony SS-B3000Oriented Polyolefine) woofer, a 3 ¼-inch Enhanced H.O.P. midrange, and a 1-inch Nano Fine® dome tweeter.
At first listen, the SS-B3000s presented a surprisingly lively, crisp sound with decent warmth and depth. They rendered instruments a bit too screechy and not altogether there in the lower registers, with good overall coherence but holes in individual parts of the frequency spectrum.


8 inch Kevlar-reinforced ( Highly Oriented Polyolefine) woofer,
3,25 inch Kevlar-reinforced ( Highly Oriented Polyolefine) midspeaker
1 inch Nano Fine Dome tweeter.
The Nano Fine Dome Tweeter can handle up to 50 Khz.
Frequency range: 50 – 50.000 Hz.
Impedance:8 ohms
Max. Power Input:120 W
Sensitivity (efficience): 88dB
Dimensions: Width: 9 inch, Height: 20 inch, Depth: 10 inch.
Weight:14 pounds
Shipping weight: 34 pounds

Sony`s SS-B3000 are easy to listen to and makes you want to listen to more.
These speakers sound musical, lively, dynamic, with warm mids, a tight bass and crisp highs.
The treble is a bit on the bright site and can be straining when listening over a long period of time , however, with a little positioning adjustments you will find this less prominent and hardly noticable.
Experimenting a little with the placement of the boxes away from the walls and corners, can also make a big improvement in the overall sound .

The Sony SS-B3000 are larger than your typical bookshelf speakers, but also produce a far bigger sound than smaller bookshelf speakers. When placed on stands, the result will be an even more coherent sound and tighter bass.
While the Sony SS-B3000 can handle all types of music with ease, including orchestral, they sound particulary convincing on modern electronic- and rock music presenting crisp highs and a deep and relatively wide sound stage.

Clearly, Sony had a complete design in mind with this speaker, with its share of faults certainly but also a firm idea of its sonic character. The SS-B3000 has faults, no doubt. But it also presents music in a listenable, dynamic manner that should please most of its owners over the long term. From a purely critical standpoint, the SS-B3000 manages to just hang in there on an absolute basis. But when you remind yourself of its ridiculous, stunningly low price, it makes a very strong impression. That’s right – $87.99 per pair.

• The SS-B3000 presents music in a listenable, dynamic way that should please a lot of people in a lot of different situations, over many types of material.
• The SS-B3000 plays loud when asked, and can fill a medium-sized room better than smaller bookshelf models.
• The SS-B3000 offers more technology and design than typical low-budget bookshelf speakers.


The Sony SS-B3000 offers an impressive amount of engineering and sound quality for its very low price. It sounds like a budget speaker at times, but not overtly, and not at the expense of its overall musicality and coherence. Its atypical size may make placement a bit difficult, but on the other hand, it offers enough sound to push it into applications that little bookshelf monitors not dare go. It’s no surprise that the SS-B3000 has sold so well and attained such popularity. For $100, it’s worth a try and a benefit of the doubt.

You will have to spend quite a bit more money, for a better deal. 

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