SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Reviews

by admin on June 8, 2021

Sonos has long been the best wireless audio solution, For everyone else there’s now the Play:1. With this product, the company has now opened up the system to a new range of people and has managed to solve two issues in one go: The Sonos Play:1 is easily the most accessible speaker Sonos has made, though. It’s the prettiest, the smallest and the cheapest. Two-Room-Set-Sonos-Play

Multiple Sonos speakers within the same network can easily be synched. The Sonos system incorporates loads of streaming services including Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Cloud Player. You don’t need any separate apps, just Sonos’s one.

Sonos has been a connected speaker pioneer, and the Play:1 essentially offers the same functionality as its bigger and pricier predecessors, albeit in a smaller and slightly less powerful package.

Design: A lovely compact speaker

The Play:1 is the best-looking Sonos speaker yet. The Play:3 and Play:5 both have a refined look that tends to blend well into your home decor.  It looks at home in a kitchen, bedroom or living room, and it’s humidity-resistant, so it works as a bathroom speaker, too.

While the Play:1 is a wireless speaker, it doesn’t run on your existing Wi-Fi network. Instead Sonos creates its own proprietary wireless network, which means you’ll need at least one Sonos component wired via Ethernet. You can connect the Play:1 directly with a wired connection, but if that’s inconvenient (which it probably is), you’ll need to connect the Sonos Bridge ($50) with a wired connection.

The Play:1 is the smallest of the three standalone speakers in the Sonos line, and it’s the prettiest. A squat rectangular column that stands 6.5 inches tall and about 5 inches square, it features gently rounded corners, either white or black end caps at the top and bottom, and a wraparound metallic- or graphite-look grille depending on color. Compared with the larger Play:3 ($299) and much larger Play:5 ($399), the Play:1 looks less like a speaker, takes a smaller footprint, and is surely more designer friendly. The 4-pound speaker feels solid, and the volume rocker and play/pause button up top offer good resistance and a reassuring click when engaged (hit the button once to pause or play, twice to skip tracks). The power cord connector (sorry, no battery operation) is nicely hidden below the bottom cap, and the back side features a single Ethernet port and 0.25-inch threaded insert for a wall bracket.Inside the Play:1’s sealed, humidity-resistant cabinet are a pair of Class D amps (of unspecified power) driving a single 3.5-inch high-excursion aluminum-cone woofer and a 0.75-inch silk-dome tweeter. This is a monophonic speaker that will combine both channels of a stereo signal, but the Sonos app allows you to configure two Play:1s as a stereo pair. 

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  • Delivers deep, crystal clear HiFi sound without dropouts
  • Humidity resistant to operate flawlessly even in the bathroom
  • Play:1 streams music directly from your iTunes library, online music services and free Internet radio
  • Start with one, then wirelessly expand with more to any room in your home
  • Sonos App on your smartphone, tablet or PC gives you control of all your music in one place

There are many high-performance wireless Bluetooth speakers out there, but none of them offer the multiroom options of Sonos’ app-based control system. That explains why Sonos has suddenly been barraged with new competitors hoping to hone in on their turf. But the brand that got the early start still seems to offer the best value in terms of depth of product and content offerings, and in audio performance. This respectable $200 starter/expansion kit should make them even harder to catch.


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