Polk Audio RTI A1 Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviews

by admin on June 17, 2021

The Polk Audio RTi A1 speakers are perhaps the best bookshelf speakers that can be purchased for under $350. They have an excellent sound that rivals speakers costing many times more.

The Polk Audio RTI A1 speakers have a classically designed look, and are available in black or cherry red. They have a solid wood construction, and an all MDF enclosure to prevent Polk-Audio-RTI-A1resonance. Each speaker of the Polk Audio RTI A1 stands twelve inches tall and weighs fifteen pounds. The casing houses a neodymium magnet with a heat sink, and low viscosity ferro-fluid cooling.

RTiA1 is one of the few speakers that we reviewed that has dual-binding posts on the back of the speaker. These five-way inputs can be bi-amped and bi-wired, but there really is no practical reason to do so with small bookshelf speakers that don’t require a ton of power to be driven properly. This capability is more of a spec booster than anything.

The speaker is driven by one 5.25-inch polymer composite cone and supported by a rubber surround. Polymer composite is common among many speakers due to its light weight and durability. The rubber surround gives the driver flexibility and allows the speaker to give the bass tones some punch. The dome tweeter is made of a silk polymer composite, a typical blend of high-quality materials from Polk. Silk tweeters allow high tones to breathe, and the polymer gives the tweeter durability and ruggedness for detailed tones. These high-quality composites and materials are impressive additions to Polk’s entry-level speakers.

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Standout Features

• 5.25 inch mineral/polymer woofer
• 1 inch silk/polymer tweeter
• Real wood veneers


With its 5.25 inch woofer and ported enclosure, the Polk Audio RTi A1 can hit notes other speakers in its class can’t. The PowerPort provides superior, clean, low distortion bass that you can feel. The PowerPort reduces the turbulent air coming from the port, making the speakers more efficient and ultimately better sounding.

The 1 inch silk dome tweeter provides all the high end detail. These are the same tweeters used on many of their more expensive speakers in Polk’s line. The silk dome tweeter provides crystal clean audio all the way up to 27kHz.

The RTi A1 features real wood veneers. While this does nothing to improve the sound quality, it does enhance its exterior beauty.

The entire RTi A series of speakers features gold plated binding posts and are all bi-wire and bi-amplification compatible. This ensures the best possible connection and the best possible sound.

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I also own the previous generation RTi6 bookshelf speakers by Polk and was able to do a direct comparison. The 6s have larger drivers so their slight mid-bass advantage is to be expected, but in all other ways the RTi A1 is an improvement. The sound projects further outside of the cabinets, or rather the cabinets disappear and throw a great, wide sound-field outward. Instruments sound like they should, male voices aren’t nasal or chesty, and the highs are soothing rather than sibilant and tinny (as the previous RTis could get under pressure). 

Don’t tell these speakers they are too small. They act like a much larger set and sound just as good. The price is right to make them the perfect upgrade to your theater system. Whether being used for mains or for surround speakers, the Polk Audio RTi A1 will not disappoint.

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