Mackie CR3 Review -The Best Computer Bookshelf Speaker Under $100

by admin on September 10, 2018

Mackie CR Series CR3 is a well-known fact that demand for multimedia speakers has increased by leaps and bounds in recentMackie-CR-Series-CR3 times.Their CR3 have been among the most popular monitor speaker designs under $100 for a long time. These days they are still holding strong, which is why we are going to give them a LoL closer look today.

Mackie CR Series CR3 for the following Key Specification:

  • 50 watts of powerful, clean stereo sound.
  • 3 Inch polypropylene coated woofer.
  • Audio inputs: Balanced TRS jack, unbalanced RCA jack.
  • Powerful multimedia tool for podcasts and video uploading.
  • Acoustic isolation pads.


The Mackie cr3 monitors are designed to add performance for multimedia creations and leisure. The ultra-compact monitors can be switched from video editing to music listening easier and gaming. The front panel allows you to select whether you want the speaker function left, right or both. The pieces are made up of creative woofers that are furred with polypropylene and a unique port tube to deliver a high-frequency response.

The speaker almost looks playful in a way. However, that shouldn’t be mistaken for poor performance. Mackie has loaded these online gaming up quite well, especially considering the price range. All of the controls are located at the front of the active unit, which can also be said for the AUX in/outs. Mackie CR3 simply come across as practical without making a lot of fuss.


When it comes to features, you are looking at a fairly standard configuration. We have a 1“ tweeter at the top, followed by a 3“ woofer at the bottom. There are no waveguides or anything similar, just a baffle with speaker ports. These are active, with a built in amplifier that is capable of delivering some 50 Watts of power on demand. The I/O cluster includes balanced RCA along gaming with a set of balanced/unbalanced 1/4“ TRS ports.

As expected, the back side is where you will also find reflex ports. One cool feature of the Mackie CR3 is the switch located in on the back panel, which allows you to set the position of the active speaker. You can choose if you want it to be the left or right speaker in the system. Again, nothing extraordinary, but definitely a nifty feature to have.

Overall Sound Quality

The smooth waveguide design is responsible for evenly spreading the sound throughout the room, no matter if you are listening at the lowest level, or have your CR3 cranked to the max. The Mackie CR3 has a crisp, fresh and transparent treble, and a comfortable, powerful base that never gets ‘boomy’. The overall effect is that the Mackie monitors offer true to life playback, which is necessary when creating your podcasts or videos. In addition, the acoustically designed isolation pads work to reduce any annoying, thumping bass build up.


All in all, from our Mackie CR3 review, Mackie CR3 are awesome little speakers that pack quite a bit of heat. The Mackie CR3 is an absolutely perfect portable monitor offering 50 watts of sound power, 3 inch polypropylene coated woofer, 3/4 inch ferrofluid cooled silk dome tweeter, TRS balanced input jack and a unbalanced RCA input, Aux-in mini jack, phones socket mini-jack and acoustic isolation pads. The sound produce is really nice and simply extraordinary. All comes in plenty of bass with excellent clarity. The external plug-in ability is good and we have nothing to say with the goodness of its functionality. We find the Mackie CR3 an affordable, and perfect monitor for multimedia users as the playback produced is accurate, precise and true to life audio.

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It’s exactly that versatility that has brought them fame.

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