Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker Reviews

by admin on April 25, 2021

This Klipsch R-15M offers the connectivity and stereo separation of a receiver and speaker combo, just as well as the simplicity of a sound bar. Its addition of a remote control and a phono input will Klipsch-R-15Mhelp to mitigate the price range. Also, the sound quality is one of the best among all the competitors.

Klipsch R15M Review


  • Fills Small To Medium Rooms With Powerful, Lifelike Performances
  • Equally Impressive With Music And Movies
  • Highly Efficient Design Produces More Output Using Less Energy
  • 1″ Aluminum Linear Travel Suspension Horn-Loaded Tweeter
  • 5.25″ Copper-Spun High-Output IMG Woofer
  • Brushed Black Polymer Veneer Cabinet

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Product Details

Product Dimensions 8.1 x 7 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight 10.3 pounds
Shipping Weight 18.9 pounds
Manufacturer Klipsch
Item model number R-15M

All of the features and specifications combined together are delivering an awesome performance. The extended bass, great frequency response, convenient and modern design are just an addition to the sound quality itself. A company which is creating audio history for more than 70 years is providing you the best solution for any home theater. We hope that this Klipsch R15M review will help you learn more about the product and choose the best available option. Honestly, we have seen really good speakers and surround systems but this is one of the best among all considering performance, sound quality, audio details, and design.


This speaker set comes with an outstanding design which can fit your living place or home theater. Both speakers come with a brushed black vinyl wrap which is one of the favorite styles among customers. Just be aware that it can mark and scuff really easy, compared to the traditional wood vinyl wraps.


In terms of performance, Klipsch R-15M could easily pass as monitor speakers. Their output is fairly flat and transparent, although there is some bias toward the lower end of the spectrum. Trebles are extremely clear, clean and generally crisp thanks to that horn. One other byproduct of using the Tractrix horn is the size of the image. In other words, you get a very flexible sweet spot.

Klipsch made these to be functional in a variety of room sizes without having to dial in the speaker via EQ. We have mentioned the low-end response as being biased. What we really meant was that their 5.25″ driver moves quite a lot of air, but doesn’t reach too far down in the frequency range.

However, this type of performance is more or less average for this price range. At the end of the day, Klipsch R-15M offers the kind of balance that brings a little bit of everything to the table.


This speaker set is just amazing in its sound quality and performance. Better if it is placed in small sized room rather than a large one. We do not recommend the speaker set if you have a large space that you would like equip. But, if you really like this product and want to have them in your living space, the best solution which we recommend in this Klipsch R15 review would be adding a subwoofer.  Great bookshelf speakers for those who are after clarity and balance across the range. Klipsch R-15M are by far some of the more distinctive speakers you can find in this price range at the moment.

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