Bookshelf vs. Floor Standing, Why I Choose Bookshelf Speaker?

by admin on June 24, 2019

Choosing the right speakers is one of the most critical decisions when buying a stereo or home theater system. Both, in terms of performance has their strength and weakness and many factors decide whether a Bookshelf Speaker or a floorstander will be best for one particular room. Now, in light of this scenario, Let’s look at these differences in terms of  two key aspects:

1) cost;
2) size;


In our scenario, since the two speakers have similar quality and construction and use the same drivers we might guess that the floorstanding speaker would cost more.

Very few of us have the luxury of deciding which product to buy without considering its cost.  there are some pretty good bookshelf speakers for not much more than $100 per pair. There are even models that cost less than that but their quality and durability can be questionable.

By comparison, it’s hard to find good floor standing speakers for much less than about $300 a pair. More typically, even entry level towers in this category are likely to set you back $500 to $700.

After all, the floorstanding speaker is essentially the bookshelf speaker in a taller/larger cabinet, plus it has a tweaked crossover to adjust for the greater frequency range and efficiency afforded by the larger cabinet.


If you have limitations on space you might think the bookshelf speaker would be the best choice .Floor standing speakers usually accommodate larger drivers to move the air. Even when larger drivers aren’t used there are at least more of them. The result is essentially the same – more air is moved.

Everyone is talking about the low end advantages of floorstanders. In reality, it only depends on what you need for SPL at your listening position. If it is just you, and you cherish your hearing, bookshelf speakers will be just fine. A nice pair will go to ~40 Hz with relatively no issues and play loud enough – to get that low though you will have to spend some money. Drivers that can have a low volume and go that low are expensive. Most music will not have much material below 40 Hz.

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