BIC America DV62si People’s Choice Bookshelf Speakers In Black

by admin on January 14, 2021

Product Description

Top-notch components yield a stunningly accurate bookshelf-size speaker! Custom designed 3/4 tweeter delivers crystal-clean undistorted upper mid and high frequencies. The 6 poly/graphite woofer is light yet rigid for tight, accurate extended bass. Rear-enclosure patented Venturi vent further extends deep low frequency performance. It is ideal for use with all surround and music formats.

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User Reviews

Submitted by Dave a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2015

I have been into stereo for, let’s just say a very long time. I have owned many different speakers over the years. My JBL 4311s were about my favorite that I ever owned. More recently I had some Infinity large bookshelfs. On a whim and because they were so cheap and people were raving about them I ordered a set of these DV62si bookshelf. I paid less than $120 shipped for the pair. I was amazed by the clarity so mcuh so that I packed up the Infinitys and began using the BICs for my mains with a sub.

The clarity was nice but I began to notice the highs were on the piercing side. That’s when I heard about the mod Ed was doing so I sent my crossovers off to him. The highs were reduced by the mod but the overall sound character was terrible. Not really satisfied with either the modded or the unmodded version I decided to try my own hand at tuning the little BICs in. It took quite a long time to get the mod to where I have it now but suffice it to say the realism is amazing especially for a speaker that costs so little.

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Submitted by G-Midd a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: February 26, 2020

Bottom Line:   

First off, I can’t necessarily label myself an audiophile per se. I do love good sound and have had a fair share of high end equipment over time including McIntosh gear; but, lately, my entire direction in stereo is to get the sweetest sounding rigs with the absolute minimal outlay — it’s a hobby for me and I really enjoy seeing what can be had for a few hundred or more. My search for a decent bookshelf with a decent frequency range lead me to BIC DV62si speakers.I would seriously recommend that these speakers only be purchased only if you intend to have Ed Frias modify the crossovers. When I received the speakers, I was expecting something special based on the reviews of people who like the un-modded version. I hooked them up to a Dayton DTA-100a T-Amp, so I expected a certain warm to the sound. I found the highs to be excessively bright with little or no warmth to the mid-range and no bottom end. I really felt like I had wasted $100.00 or so. I’ll put it bluntly, the speakers, to me, were not listenable. So, I pulled out the crossovers and sent them to Ed (a great guy to deal with, by the way) and in just a matter of days they arrived. I installed them, hooked up the speakers and — WOW!!! It was like having all new speakers. The highs were not as harsh, the mid-range was glorious and the bass (while not wall thumping) was perfect enough for the type of music I listen to. The sound-stage is now wide with great instrument placement and voices (particularly female voices)

were spot on accurate! Ed does a remarkable job turning these speakers into speakers that a truly enjoyable to listen to. With Ed it is like you give $30+ and he hands you back $500.00. The modified crossovers make that big of a difference!Like I said, don’t buy these unless you intend to have Ed work his magic; unless, of course, you really have no concern with great quality sound. At this point, I’m thinking I should have went with the Extensive Modifications because his crossover mod alone is so incredible! I am really, really happy with the sound of these speakers! Thank you, Ed!

Submitted by Kalum D. DoyonDate Reviewed: February 20, 2020

Hi there. I got the pair about 2 weeks ago. I decided to wait on for the review because I wanted a full break-in period for these. I will agree with other customers that they were a-bit bright at first with not enough bass. After about a week of somewhat continuous playing, I find the warmth and bass really coming in fully! They are a true pleasure to listen to.the build quality on these is great. Has some dampening material inside, its sufficient

For around 55 dollars each speaker (I am on an extremely tight budget) There is absolutely nothing of this price and probably even double that could beat the quality and sound of these.

UPDATE: —> 3/4/15……I just noticed that every time I listen to these, I smile. I have a more recent harman/kardon amplifier/receiver and as a setup, the sound is just superb. I just noticed that one of the customers put them next to their computer screen like 2 feet apart from each other. As I understand, many people have insufficient room for these speakers, but jeez, not 1 or 2 feet apart! You guys, these speakers need their space! I have them about 8-9 feet apart from each other. Placed about 9 inches from a wooden wall and they just sound amazing. APROX. room size: 18 by 32. Pretty large room for such small drivers (6 inch woofer) but as I said, the sound is just astonishing at this price point. Just listened to Steve Winwood’s: Valerie and I was completely amazed. 5/5 star or 10/10 or 100/100 what ever you rate it on. but these just surpassed my expectations. They really did.

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