Best Wireless Bookshelf Speakers for iPad, iPod, and the iPhone

by admin on March 20, 2020

wireless technology is a real bliss for all us gadget users. Apart from getting rid of those mile long speaker cables, you also have the convenience of moving the speakers anywhere in the house – from the living room to the basement. This aspect makes it easy for you to cultivate a surround sound environment and enjoy your system from all corners of the house. There are numerous add-on wireless speakers that you can use in order to change your existing wired speakers into an advanced wireless system. The cost of wireless speakers depends on various factors such as the power and quality of the built-in audio amplifiers, and incorporation of the rear speakers.

Best Wireless Bookshelf Speakers for an iPhone

An iPhone by itself costs a load of money, so getting the best sound out of it is what you would obviously expect to do. Hence, you need to go about looking for medium priced wireless speakers for yourself that will do justice to the instrument. Well, you can get yourself a pretty decent wireless speaker for your iPhone because there are quite a number of models that cater to it. Most of these wireless iPhone speakers work great with both the iPhone and the iPod, hence, they are unique and useful. Have a look at the following list of the wireless speakers for the iPad, iPod, and the iPhone.

JBL On Stage Micro II Speaker  System: Built quite robustly, the JBL On Stage offers crystal clear sound and is compatible with a whole lot of other players as well. It is compact and round in shape, very similar to a stage, hence the name. It can be used both through a wall unit as well as batteries. The only issue with the speaker is that it lacks a nice solid bass sound.

Evercharge Topology
When your iPod or iPhone is docked, it will receive a charge, even when not connected to the computer or if the system is off. The On Stage II provides the power to make sure your device is ready to go when you are.

Easy-to-Use Music and Navigation Controls
Just a touch of the music controls on the On Stage II increases or decreases the volume. Using the navigation controls on the remote control, you can browse iPod songs, photos, and playlists; change tracks and settings; and much more. With the remote, you have complete control of your iPod, as if it were in your hand.

RF Remote Technology
The JBL On Stage Micro II IR remote has several modes of operation. The Music mode allows you to control the volume, change tracks, fast forward, and fast reverse. The iPod Navigation mode allows you to navigate the iPod or iPhone menus just as if you were touching the device itself. You can navigate your music, watch your slideshows, and find and play your videos.

Small Package, Serious Sound
With its four Odyssey transducers, the On Stage II delivers 12 watts of total power. Proprietary technologies help provide the highest audio quality, for great bass and clear, accurate sound from any direction.

Auxiliary Input
With a standard 3.5mm mini jack, you can connect iPod shuffles, MP3 players, or pretty much any audio device for enjoyment through the Micro II’s speakers.

What’s in the Box
JBL On Stage Micro II, Power Supply, Remote Control, iPod Adapter


Logitech Wireless Boombox: It comes equipped with a headphone jack that makes it compatible with all other players. It is small and light, thus can be carried around with little fuss. The sound quality is more than satisfactory, at high volumes though there is a little buzzing, the Boombox does not distort, which cannot be said for other inexpensive wireless speakers. 


Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III : The Bose Soundlink is an incredible speaker system that is small, has an impressive bass, and does not crack even at high volumes. Touted as one of the best portable wireless speakers in the market, this product is a little more expensive than the other models available. The distinguishing factor here is the impressive amount of sound that comes out of such a small object. And it’s Bose, so the sound quality is going to be first-class.


Besides the above-mentioned list, there are a lot of Wireless Bookshelf Speakers for iphone  available too, which are portable and advanced. The prices of the products mentioned in the article are only the estimated prices hence, may fluctuate according to the availability. This is because you need to know which speakers are going to be most suitable for you. Keep in mind your needs, your budget, and the player that you’re going to be playing them on, and only then take your pick.

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