Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Bookshelf Speakers Pair Reviews

by admin on February 15, 2021

The A5+ Speaker by Audioengine is a music lover’s dream speakers! They’re hooked up with the best specs to deliver exceptional sound quality delivered from any device, but music lovers would enjoy these the most.

First thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous built of the Audioengine A5+. Made of carbonized solid bamboo that gives it this special look as well as durability, and helps deliver that Audioengine-A5+-Premium-Powered-Speaker-Pairsweet sound of music you’ve always been hoping for.

Features of the Audioengine A5+:

  • Easily hooks up to any Mac or PC.
  • Connects and charges iDevices via USB Power Port.
  • Also connects to TV, or any other audio device using a 3.5mm jack.
  • No special set up required.
  • Sold as a pair.


With its conservative styling, clean lines, and rounded corners, these powered bookshelf speakers look and feel solid. Sporting 20mm silk dome tweeters and 5 inch Kevlar woofers, the A5+ boasts an impressive frequency response of 50 Hz – 22 kHz. Eager to test them out, I was glad to see that audioengine had included a generous variety of cords – including a 2 meter 1/8” audio cable, a pair of 20cm 1/8” audio cables, a 1/8” to RCA “Y” cable, a USB power extender cable, and nearly four meters of speaker wire. With such a diverse kit at my disposal, I had everything hooked up in about two and a half minutes.

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The beauty of powered speakers is that they require no additional equipment to get up-and-running. All I had to do was plug them in, connect them to an audio source, and I was ready to go. First up, I gave Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” a whirl. Immediately, I noticed a nice, authentic kick to the bass drum – it was punchy and present without seeming exaggerated, and proved that the A5+ bookshelf speakers were calibrated carefully before ever leaving the factory. Krist Novoselic’s bass guitar offered a clean, vibrant resonance with very clear distinction in tonal shifts. Finally, the gravel, flange, and rasp of Kurt Cobain’s vocals all came through with perfect authenticity. Good stuff.

Next up was Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Dr Dre’s “California Love” . The attention to detail in Dre’s many-layered beat comes through with impressive clarity – allowing me to really hear the shakers which accompany the tightly wound snare and ample bass line.

Last up with Philip Glass’ masterpiece “The Grid”, prominently featured in the now-legendary documentary Koyaanisqatsi. This is when the A5 truly made me a believer. From the reverb on the opening horns, to the way Glass’ mix builds in both complexity and variety, audioengine’s speakers actually allowed me to feel the music – and I don’t mean that in the conventional, “windows-rattling and walls vibrating” kind of way. These speakers accurately project the organic nature of symphonic instruments, allowing the listener to experience something very close to being at a live performance. All in all, audioengine has produced a fine pair of speakers with the A5+.


For $399, the Audioengine 5+s give you more than you’ve given Audioengine. They strike me as the proverbial audiophile bargain capable of delivering musical satisfaction on most levels that count. I also find them very nicely made (I dig the bamboo), nicely packaged, they include all of the cables you need to get going, and even hand you a remote to control the volume so that when you’re sitting back being carried away by your favorite tunes you don’t have to open your eyes or even lean forward to go even deeper.

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